CISO of the Year

CISO of the Year Award


The CISO of the Year Award is designed to honor the most outstanding Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the year. It highlights those who excel not only in their technical skills but also in leadership and effectively communicating complex security challenges to business and boardroom leaders. The award criteria focus on these key performance areas to ensure that nominees demonstrate both strategic insight and technical proficiency.
Please note that registration for this year’s award is now closed. The jury is currently deliberating. Once this process is complete, we will announce the nominees for the CISO of the Year 2024.

Jury of the CISO of the Year Award

Aart Jochem

Chief Information Security Officer Central Government The Netherlands at Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations,

CISO Rijk & Chairman CISO of the Year Award

Luisella ten Pierik

CISO Stedin & manager CIO Office | Board member CISO Platform & Vice Chairman and Secretary CISO Platform Nederland

Job Voorhoeve

Global Digital Practice Leader & Partner Professional Services Practice, Amrop

Bibi van den Berg

Professor of Cybersecurity Governance, Leiden University

Madelein van der Hout

Senior Analyst (Security & Risk team), Forrester

Rob Beijleveld

CEO, ICT Media & Co-founder CISO Community Nederland

Proccess CISO of the Year Award 2024

The CISO of the Year Award follows the detailed criteria and methodology developed over the past twenty years for the CIO of the Year Award, in collaboration with multiple stakeholders. The Award process consists of two main phases: the pre-nomination phase and the nomination phase.

Pre-nomination phase

Participants initially confirm their intent to compete via a reply to the invitation email. Upon confirmation:

  • Participants will receive a comprehensive assessment divided into business and personal segments.
  • An interview will be scheduled with representatives from Forrester and Amrop to discuss the assessment findings in depth.
  • The CISO community board in the Netherlands will provide their evaluations based on specific preset questions.
  • An additional research question may be included in this process, with timely notification provided to the participants.
  • The assessment results, interview outputs, and board feedback are collated and ranked.

The jury will then narrow down the list from pre-nominees to nominees. Pre-nominees will be notified if they have advanced to the next stage.

Nomination phase

On May 14, the jury will meet with the nominees, who are expected to present and engage in a discourse with the jury members. Following this, the jury will determine the winner of the CISO of the Year 2024. The announcement of the CISO of the Year Award 2024 will take place during CISODAY on May 28, and will be presided over by Aart Jochem, the Chairman of the Jury.

Please note that registration for participation is currently closed.