Floor van Eijk

CISO at NN Group
CISO of the Year nominee

Floor van Eijk is the CISO of The Hague-based NN Group, an international financial services company active in 11 countries. With over 25 years of experience in IT, Floor aims to combine different areas of expertise and perspectives to build a strong cyber security program at NN Group.

Prior to becoming CISO in 2021, Floor held various roles at NN, including managing business-driven IT application teams and technical IT infrastructure teams. Floor thrives on embracing complex challenges, building strong and engaged teams, and delivering innovation and added value.

On being CISO of NN Group
“Customers trust us to keep their data and money secure, and it’s our aim to fully live up to that promise. My focus as a CISO is therefore on translating the business strategy to the security strategy and execution – with the objective of keeping our customers and employees secure.”

On changes
“The new European legislation DORA supports that promise, keeping everyone secure, for the entire financial services sector. It does so by focusing on strengthening resilience and ensuring we are better prepared for the uncertain. Engaging everybody in the organization to take up on that responsibility is key, as well as collaborating across the sector to share challenges and best practices.”

On her CISO of the Year nomination
“As CISO, I focus on making the connection between business, IT, and security. As a large financial services provider active in eleven countries, we have a huge responsibility to make our customers’ financial future secure. Explaining the why of security – how this supports and enables our business – is one of my key strengths. I love connecting people from various disciplines, departments, and countries, because collaboration boosts effectivity of the security strategy.

Being part of a heavily regulated sector, finding the right balance between security, usability, and compliance requirements is a continuous challenge. My key focus in our organization is therefore to aim for simplification, standardization, and automation.”