Jan Joost Bierhoff

Global CISO at Heineken
CISO of the Year nominee

As the CISO of the HEINEKEN Company, Jan Joost Bierhoff works with a large global team to mitigate security risks across both the Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) domains. Jan Joost brings twenty years of experience to the role, including over 16 years at Heineken. 

Prior to becoming CISO, Jan Joost served as the Director of Global Audit, where he was responsible for shaping and executing audits to evaluate HEINEKEN’s risk landscape. In his present capacity, he leverages his extensive knowledge of HEINEKEN, coupled with a strong control mindset, to identify and diminish risks within the company. His primary objective at HEINEKEN is to forge an exceptional next-generation global security team capable of managing risks both within and beyond the traditional office landscape.

“My team is often lauded as ‘the team that ensures a peaceful night of sleep’. In my opinion, the role of CISO should evolve into that of a Chief Trust Officer, who will increasingly become the embodiment of trust for their organizations, by proactively overseeing compliance, governance, data privacy, and enterprise-wide cyber risk management.”

On his CISO of the Year nomination
“The theme for CISODAY 2024, ‘Stepping Out of the Shadows’, resonates with my belief that security should be integrated into the company’s DNA. Security is not a sidelined afterthought in the shadow – it is a core subject regularly addressed by the executive team and senior management across the global operations. This is what my team and I strive for on a daily basis.”