About you!

Over the last couple of years, the CISO role has grown and matured under the CIO’s wings and is now starting to stand on its own two feet. At the same time, the digital transition continues at full speed, and companies have to evolve just as fast, making the CISO’s job more important than ever. The time for a dedicated community has arrived.

CISO Community

Fast-moving developments in digital technology are impacting the way we conduct business. We have to look differently at processes, opportunities, investments, and risks. While every company will be able to benefit from implementing new technologies, moving processes to the cloud, or taking advantage of new online opportunities, this also means that all of us become more vulnerable to cyber threats.

To make the right choices and thus position organizations optimally, learning from the experiences of others is of great importance. Through networking events, information sessions, and open dialogues, we have seen that CIOs have strengthened their position and developed their role. With the CISO community, we want to provide CISOs with the same opportunities.

Providing a meeting and learning place for all CISOs

The goal of the CISO community is to provide a closed environment among peers and a position for all stakeholders. This platform, facilitated by ICT Media and guided by stakeholders, provides a meeting and learning place for CISOs, their teams, and other participants.

Over the next couple of years, we aim to increase maturity within the Netherlands, reposition cybersecurity as a boardroom topic, develop the CISO role by learning from peers, stimulate stakeholder conversation, and create an ecosystem within the cybersecurity domain.

What can you expect?

In addition to providing a platform where we can share news, knowledge, and resources, the CISO community will actively organize events.

To kick-start the CISO community, we will organize, facilitate, and support various activities in the first year, such as the matrix of workshops. Information will be shared online through this website, CISO TV, and IT executive.


We will also host the CISODAY: the annual network event for cybersecurity professionals in business, government, and everything in between. This event brings together the community of CISOs and other cybersecurity professionals to share ideas, use cases, and best practices in an informal but luxurious setting. And, of course, we’ll announce the CISO of the Year.

HRO Program 2024

The Highly Resilience Organizations (HRO) program focuses on the three key pillars of digital transformation: security, risk, and liability. The program aims to establish best practices in cybersecurity by leading a discussion with the experts in the field.