In addition to providing a platform where we can share news, knowledge, and resources, the CISO community will actively organize events.

To kick-start the CISO community, we will organize, facilitate, and support various activities in 2024, such as the CISODAY & CISO of the Year Award election, the Highly Resilience Organizations program, and a matrix of workshops. We will share information through, CISO TV, and


Introducing CISODAY: the new network event for Dutch information security officers in business, government, and everything in between, CISODAY aims to bring together cybersecurity leaders to share ideas, use cases, and best practices in an informal but luxurious setting. As the highlight of the event, we will announce the first-ever CISO of the Year award.

Times have changed and with it, the world of cybersecurity has evolved to include highly specialized roles and solutions. The security of infrastructure, systems, and data should be every organization’s top priority. The CISO community Nederland aims to give cybersecurity leaders the recognition that they deserve.

We dedicate a whole day of the year to celebrate the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). If you are a CISO or have a leading role in cybersecurity, and you work in either business or government, we invite you to join us for the first CISODAY. Together, we can work toward improving cyber maturity in the Netherlands!

HRO program 2024

The Highly Resilience Organizations (HRO) program focuses on the three key pillars of digital transformation: security, risk, and liability. The program aims to establish best practices in cybersecurity by leading a discussion with the experts in the field.

More information about the HRO program will follow soon.

Matrix of workshops

Sponsored partners can offer workshops to the CISO community. These in-person workshops aim to share knowledge & ideas, discuss challenges, and jointly increase cybersecurity maturity in the Netherlands.

More information about workshops will follow soon.