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The CISO community provides a platform for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and cybersecurity professionals in the Netherlands. By bringing together the top talents in the sector, we will be able to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and work together with the ultimate goal of increasing cyber awareness and cyber resilience in a quick-moving digital world.

Why do we need a CISO community?

Cyber-attacks can have far-reaching consequences. Even a minor privacy breach can jeopardize a company’s survival, due to legal consequences and negative media attention.

Meanwhile, digitization continues at full speed, and companies have to evolve just as fast. This is causing a shift in leaders’ opinions on security – and a corresponding change in thinking about the CISO’s role.

Over the years, the CISO role has grown and matured fast under the CIO’s wings and is now starting to stand on its own two feet by reporting directly to the board. The role can be demanding and requires professionals to combine hard and soft skills to meet requirements from many parties. Looking at all these challenges, a network of cybersecurity professionals can be extremely helpful.

Therefore, we are creating a dedicated CISO community. Our community aims to reposition cybersecurity in the boardroom, contribute to knowledge development, stimulate the conversation between relevant stakeholders, and create a cybersecurity domain ecosystem that helps security providers shape their roadmaps.

On this platform, we will expand the successful Highly Secure Organizations (HSO) program, which relies on organizations operating at the highest cybersecurity level. We are also working on setting up an annual CISODAY, which will include the election of the CISO of the Year. In addition, a members-only environment will be created to exchange tips and knowledge securely.

By bringing together the top talents in cybersecurity, we aim to share knowledge, provide tools, and work together to accelerate the shift to a more secure digital world.


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Areas of interest

Knowledge and Ability

Qualified people are hard to find. Yet, the current global market shortage also poses an opportunity to accelerate the development of cyber resilience skills. By connecting experienced professionals with ambitious starters, for example by means of a Cyber Academy, we will be able to centralize knowledge and talent.


The CISO role demands a wide range of sometimes conflicting skills. CISOs are expected to be able to combine strong technical skills with soft skills such as communication, leadership, and management. We want to provide CISOs with the tools to combine these skills without losing focus on improving cyber resilience.

Positioning of the CISO & Governance of Security

70% of CISOs report to the CIO, which may pose conflicts of interests from time to time. Companies need future-proof Cyber Operating Models and Governance. By creating visible cyber icons, companies will no longer be able to ignore the importance of CISOs.

Mental Health and Support

CISOs have high-demanding roles and are under continuous pressure from multiple parties. How do we prevent burn outs and talented professionals leaving the sector? We want to highlight mental awareness, work-life balance, and support for CISOs.

“The digital transition could pose a threat to our society. With more processes being online, our attack surface increases too.”

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CISO Platform Nederland board is complete

The board of CISO Platform Nederland, the non-profit association of CISO community Nederland, is complete: CISOs Dimitri van Zantvliet, Luisella ten Pierik, Mahdi Abdulrazak, Justin Broeders and co-founder Rob Beijleveld officially joined the organization’s board on February 16.

Dutch government fails to meet implementation of NIS2 and CES on time

Dutch government fails to meet implementation of NIS2 and CES on time

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Your vote, your voice?

Your vote, your voice?

Attempts to meddle in election processes through cyberattacks have increased drastically, and the methods with which hostile actors try to infiltrate society are continually evolving. Cybersecurity professionals have a role to play in this trend by educating the general public about these risks so that more stakeholders can act as a defense against hostile state actors.