Rob Beijleveld

Co-founder of the CISO community Nederland

CISO community co-founder Rob Beijleveld is the CEO and owner of Dutch media and event firm ICT Media. Rob brings twenty years of experience as a publisher in the IT & Tech sector, which includes names such as CIO Magazine, CIO TV, Tech TV, Outsource Magazine, and BoardroomIT. As a highly dedicated entrepreneur, Rob hosts congresses and summits such as the annual CIODAY and CISODAY. In addition, he is the founder and judge of several awards such as the CIO and CISO of the Year Award, the Tech Hero Award, and the CIO Magazine Innovation Award. Rob has also founded the CIO OTY Association, CharITy, the CIO Academy, and the Digital Knowledge Institute.

Rob believes that CISOs should have a more prominent place – not just on the board of their company, but also in our increasingly digital society. As a member of the board, Rob therefore aims to provide CISOs with the resources to advocate for better cybersecurity.

Rob has been appointed as the interim treasurer of the board.