Mona de Boer, PhD

Partner at PwC Netherlands

AI-powered business solutions: what changes for the CISO?

The integration of artificial intelligence in business is unavoidable. The technology presents both serious opportunities and serious risks for businesses, and for both reasons has become a top priority for CISOs. CISOs are looking to balance between facilitating and blocking. They are now responsible for advising on the best ways to use AI solutions within their businesses, while also relying on AI-powered tools themselves for various cybersecurity activities.

In this session, Mona de Boer, Partner at PwC Netherlands and specialized in Responsible AI, will talk about the significance of AI for businesses, the everyday considerations in finding a balance between ‘moving fast’ and ‘not breaking things’, and the role of the CISO in doing so. Peter Avamale, Director of Cybersecurity at PwC Netherlands, will deep-dive into the relevant security risks associated with AI adoption. Attendees will learn about how AI can be used by attackers, how they can enable secure adoption in their organization, as well as the opportunities presented by AI for the security function.

Join us to learn more about the changing role of the CISO and practical ways to enhance cybersecurity with AI.